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A great Technical Director sets the professional standard for multi-camera productions and provides the line of communications between the Director, Producers, Project Manager and Crew to assure the production achieves the highest standards.

Many Producers think a Technical Director is a fancy button pusher.  A qualified, competent Technical Director understands the switcher, but also has exceptional knowledge to translate the creative and technical elements to a finished show.

A Technical Director must Multi-Task and anticipate the upcoming elements, preparing the switcher for the transition.  If there is no Assistant Director, they have to look ahead to make sure playbacks are cued up, and confirm all technical elements are prepared for the next segment of the show.  This allows the Director to focus on the current content knowing that the TD has the technical aspects ready for execution.

I bring the experience and professionalism that immediately elevates it in terms of technical delivery, making your client happy and the crew proud of the work they do.

Directors always tell me that I have relieved a great deal of the pressure of the production knowing I have their backs by preparing upcoming elements for their execution.

I strive to anticipate the unexpected, and provide the technical expertise a Director needs during a show so they may focus on the creative.